WE ARE dtm

Forwared thinking | Continuous learning | Empathy | Innovate


dtm is the IT Partner chosen by the Department of Human Resources medium and large organizations . We urge HR to exert a transverse role with focus on people so that it will become the key agent of change management , the digital transformation of organizations. Our DNA is technology, product and process knowledge in managing people .

KNOW WHO: People and Talent. We believe in people and we think that each of us is fundamental for the company to achieve its goals . Our greatest competitive advantage is our human capital.

KNOW HOW: Transformation and digital innovation in HR. It's not just what we do but how we do it : knowledge, commitment, quality and trust. We support the adaptation of people and processes to new environments and digital strategies of the company. We generate synergies between people, processes and technology to drive growth. We spent the operational strategy by streamlining processes , provide HR Analytics systems for decision-making and help to attract and retain talent.

dtm has a team of over 70 professionals from Spain , Mexico and Switzerland , as well as an extensive network of contacts and partners to carry out their international projects anywhere in the world. All through the main products for Global Talent Management and HR management .

Our values:
Forwared thinking | Continuous learning | Empathy | Innovate


Do you want best innovation for your company?

We are HR IT specialists and we know how to provide you the best technology to boost your HR department.

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