IT Innovation for Human Resources

In dtm enterprise we are specialized in providing IT innovation to the needs of the HR departments, so we implemented systems like SAP HCM , Oracle PeopleSoft , Meta4 , as SuccessFactors Cloud technology solutions and other local alternatives. Knowledge, Commitment, Quality and Trust are the main parameters that define the partner relationship it has with each of its customers.

Get to know us in depth through this interview published in the newspaper E&E .

Download here the interview in PDF (Spanish).

When Enterprise was founded dtm?

DTM Enterprise is a young company that was established in 2007 between Barcelona and Madrid with two main objectives . On the one hand , our customers, HR departments and IT, perceive us as the partner of the four “C”, and secondly, being a company that cares the same way the internal customer -our employees – and customers external. Therefore, we offer an environment where everyone can develop professionally and personally according to their needs and characteristics. From the beginning, we have presented a gradual and sustained growth year after year, both clients and number of team members, developing projects in Europe , Saudi Arabia , China and the United States, among others.

When you speak about the four ” C”, what do you mean?

For us the four ” C” are: Knowledge, because we have a team with many years of experience in the sector; Commitment , since we do our every project, committing 100% to reach its success; Quality as the implementation and development is done always in keeping the agreed time and budget, following a qualitative standards that ensure success; and confidence, because the above elements give us a professionalism that, along with an honest and close customer treatment results in a relationship of mutual trust.

What niche market are you specialized?

DTM Enterprise aims to provide solutions to the needs of the departments of Personnel Management from design or reengineering processes to technological solutions that support these processes, including payroll solutions, talent management, performance evaluation, MBO ,e -learning, flexible remuneration, mobility, dashboards, outsourcing, etc. From the point of view of systems work and we implement SAP HCM mainly , but also Oracle PeopleSoft, Meta4 and more local alternatives.

What are the bases that characterize its corporate philosophy?

Our main focus is and always will be a person: people who work with us, the people we meet on our customers and the people that our solutions address. This means that customer orientation and empathy are part of our DNA as a company. When you integrate your way to work the ability to understand and even anticipate the needs of your partner, a much closer relationship ensures a higher level in achieving the objectives is created. We also have the habit of not taking anything for granted without insurance or have previously questioned and analyzed in depth, which allows us to take the challenges ahead with the assurance that we are doing it in the best way possible. One of the main consequences of our philosophy as a company is that 100% of customers with whom we have worked continue to rely on us, while the level of employee turnover is very low.

“The main concern of DTM is to continue our sustained growth while maintaining our way of being and doing.”

What aspects distinguish them from other competitors?

There are three key aspects that differentiate us from our competitors. First, we are and we live close to the HR departments of many companies, sectors and countries, allowing us to have a vision and knowledge of new trends in the processes of managing people. From the technical and functional SAP HCM, the act of participating in projects in several countries and have partners in Germany and Switzerland is that we have a high knowledge of the new tools, as well as upcoming releases or packages, new acquisitions, etc.

And finally and most importantly, DTM believe in people and we think that each of us is fundamental for the company to achieve its goals. This obsession with talent spread and also contributes to a team of people think with vocation towards excellence.

What profile customers respond?

Currently, 90 % of our customers are large multinational companies in industries such as banking, retail, pharmaceutical, energy, services, distribution, etc. However, we want to go slowly getting closer to smaller businesses but similar to those of larger institutions needs who want to grow with a base management strongly rooted people in their strategy.

Could you mention us some of his most recent projects?

The most recent projects, we could talk about an integration of processes and systems of people of various banks , the introduction of an international system for managing people from outlets for a major fashion company present in many countries , a flexible remuneration system for a large utility company or the implementation of a performance evaluation system and objectives for an international pharmaceutical company.

“We believe in people and we think that each of us is fundamental for the company to achieve its goals.”

What objectives are set for the future ?

DTM ‘s main concern is to continue with sustained growth while maintaining our way of being and doing . We will continue working to attract talent and become a benchmark as a place to work, to increase confidence and satisfaction of our customers and respect for competition . Keep in mind that only one out of twenty companies know what the benefits of their policies and human resources processes . The strategic value of this area is diluted in the organization because it lacks the tools to calculate and give value to their influence. Therefore , there is still much ground to go. On the other hand, in the current context , another objective is to seek synergies and cooperation with other partners of high level , either to offer customers a higher quality service or to penetrate other markets , as we have done since DTM China and Saudi Arabia.

Jul, 08, 2016